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India Pop

Our core collection is comprised of brightly coloured must-haves; including sarongs,
scarfs, beach dresses, and bed linens all hand-block printed on amazingly soft Indian cotton and silks.

This ever-evolving collection is a result of Renée’s 15+ years of travel to India. Annually scouting villages and cities alike for unique, high-quality original pieces that translate in the “real” world creating her signature global fusion style.


Tribal Handmade

Coming Spring 2020, this collection is currently in production.

The heart of Tribal Handmade is hand-loomed fabrics from Indonesia and India.
Each island or state has its own distinct tribal patterns, style, and loom technique. 

We are using these beautiful textiles to create unique offerings for you and your home.

Behind the scenes photos and some sneak previews coming soon!

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